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BBC Power For Sale

The first is a Jim Oddy Combo 526ci BBC;  MSR Performance built, Donavan Aluminum Block, Never Windowed, Olds Aluminum Heads, BDS 14-17, MSD 44, Aeromotive 17 gallon pump, ODDY’S History,  2 dyno pulls 18% 25 lbs, 1700 HP, lite tune.

Or a Mike Janis Built 500ci BBC; Donavan Aluminum Block, Never Windowed, Dart Heads, Indy Intake, Littlefield Hi Helix 14-71, JBR Carbon 4-door, Waterman Fuel Pump, RCD, SSI, MSD 44 Mag, All fresh only 2 pulls on Janis Dyno 1700 HP, extremely safe tune egt’s read 650 degree.

Way too much to list. Contact Us Today: